[Can people who lose weight eat fish at night]_eat fish_night_slim

[Can people who lose weight eat fish at night]_eat fish_night_slim

Many people do not eat at night during weight loss, but some people ca n’t stand it if they do n’t eat at night, so let ‘s eat a little food that is not high in your aunt ‘s weight. You can eat meat at night during weight loss, preferablyEat some fish or chicken, so you can eat fish during weight loss.

Recipe Introduction The fish soup is rich and fragrant.

Many people don’t like coriander. Coriander is also a Chinese medicinal material. In Chinese medicine, reorganization: Hu Zhi, is a kind of warming solution, appetizers and digestion. If the stomach and stomach are not good, you ca n’t eat rice. If you have no appetite, add some coriander. The effect is very good.Ingredients: half a big fish head, 1 white dill, 1 mung bean vermicelli, white pepper, coriander, cooking wine, pork suet (optional), practice 1, choose the fish head of the big fish (that is, the catfish head,, The individual is relatively large, a fish head is as large as a pan) 2. The pan is hot, add pork suet oil or ordinary cooking oil, and when the oil is hot, put the fish head into the pan and fry.

3. Pour the cooking wine on the fish head and the fishy gas will evaporate.

4, pour ginger slices, then pour water (the amount of water is based on personal preference, I usually fill it with water) 5, add pepper, and add white carrots cut into strips.

6. Wait for the water to boil, and cover the pot after 5-6 minutes. This will give off some fishy smell.

7, about 20 minutes, the white radish is also transparent, pour in the fans, cook for 2 minutes and turn off the heat.

8. Add the pepper powder again, then add the salt and sprinkle the coriander segments.

Tip # 1, using pig squid fish, you can get a good fishy smell.

2, white radish should be cut thicker, not too thin, too thin and cooked without taste.

3, if you like clear soup, you need to low fire, keep low fire, so the soup is transparent.

If you like milky white, you need medium heat, so that you can cook the protein.

4, pepper does not need to worry about getting angry, it can ignite the fire, it is recommended to have a wooden grinding rod, eat it now and twist it out, this is more fragrant, because some pepper powder is mixed with starch or pepper, not veryPure, and the aroma evaporates.

5. The purpose of fried fish on high fire is to quickly shrink the fish skin when heated. It will not stick the skin to the pan, but it will be medium heat for a while, otherwise it will be fried.