Chinese medicine believes that health is fundamentally in the right place


Chinese medicine believes that health is fundamentally “in the right place”

People are not powerless to nature, and the body’s diseases are often well prevented. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that as long as the five organs are really full (infuriating) and the camp is smooth (referring to the smooth flow of blood inside and outside the body), the disease resistance is strong.Then there is righteousness in the air, and evil can’t be done, and people can have harmony and health.

The most fundamental combination of health care in the four seasons is that “the inner body is upright, the outside is cautious.”

銆€銆€”Inner and righteousness” is the most fundamental of TCM health care. The ultimate goal of any TCM regimen is to maintain good health.

Maintaining the righteousness is to maintain the body’s essence, gas, and God.

The human body is guaranteed, the essence and the gods are naturally replenished, and the function of the human body is also guaranteed, that is, “the five internal organs are really smooth, and the people are safe.”

銆€銆€”External caution and evil spirits” is a factor that Chinese medicine practitioners must warn us to be external to the disease. To prevent it, we must “treat the disease without disease”, prevent disease, cure the disease early, and control the life to control the health.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that evil spirits have just entered the human body’s table, and it is appropriate to cure it immediately. “Do not let the nine shackles occlude, so the battalion will be reconciled.” The disease will not be categorized, and the disease will not be damaged by light weight.Righteousness is the method of health and rickets.

銆€銆€The so-called external caution is another indication that the life of the self should be heavily temperate, avoiding the word “corruption”.

Such as: daily living, lying in time with timely rain, not snooze, adhere to physical exercise, do some physical work within the limits of energy; clothing is comfortable to wear, and according to climate change to increase or decrease the water, so the weather is cold and warm,In the diet, we should have a moderate taste, a grain match, and the diet should change with the time. Avoid eating gluttony or partial eclipse. In terms of mental health, we should consider the cultivation of sentiment, calmly treat the incident, not to the object, not toDesperate, a good attitude can improve the body’s condition and prevent physical and mental illness.