Natural cold medicine vascular medicine whitening agent is the strongest fruit health list


Natural cold medicine vascular medicine whitening agent is the strongest “fruit health” list

Fruits are not only mellow, but also “symptomatic” health!

Natural flu shot-kiwifruit, citrus fast digestive agent – carambola, pineapple, dragon fruit vascular protection umbrella – banana, strawberry, hawthorn, strongest fruit health list 1 natural cold prevention medicine: kiwi, citrus kiwi, heat and diuretic, rich in antioxidants, canEnhance resistance, drive away bacteria and cold virus entanglement, and enhance cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function.

Citrus can also prevent colds. It is recommended that the whole flap be eaten together with white stalks to moisturize the throat and the effect is better.

Recent studies have found that the addition of vitamin C is very effective in preventing colds, while the orange kiwi peach is rich in vitamin C.

2 fast digestive agents: carambola, pineapple, dragon fruit carambola instead of vitamin C, can promote food digestion, after the entertainment can be sliced with carambola salt, can also prevent carcinogenic nitrite synthesis, is a good “antidote”.

Pineapple diuretic helps digestion, and the protease can accelerate the decomposition of meat. Sometimes the charcoal grilled food is too much, the belly is not bloated, and the fresh pineapple can quickly eliminate the inflation gas.

Dragon fruit helps to ease bowel movements, and is also a good “emergency” fruit after entertainment.

3 three brain activators: apples, longan apples have the name of “memory fruit”, rich in zinc, can promote brain development, enhance memory, and also have a heart-protecting effect.

The longan is a “wisdom fruit” that allows the brain to open up. If you run into overtime and exams in continuous work, thinking becomes dull. Eating longan can make people regain their thoughts and agility.

However, the longan is hot, and there is a dry mouth or a fever.

4 vascular umbrella: banana, strawberry, hawthorn banana with potassium ions, can lower blood pressure to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Strawberry contains pectin and antioxidants to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Hawthorn has the function of digestion and phlegm, which can reduce the deposition of diabetes in the inner wall of the artery, thereby protecting the blood.

Hawthorn also enhances vasoconstriction, increases blood output from the heart, reduces blood viscosity, and protects the cardiovascular system.

5 blood supplement: mulberry, grape mulberry can qi and blood, nourish the eyes, black hair, anti-aging, people with bad colors can eat for a month or two.

Wash the mulberry with rice water and juice. Drink often to keep people warm.

The grape juice is so sweet that it nourishes the liver and kidney to make up the qi and blood, so that the hair is black, and even the skin seed juice is better for anti-aging effect.

6 phlegm: 鏋囨澐, pear cough and phlegm effect is very good, I feel that the throat is strange, there are cockroaches, peeling a few fresh cockroaches to eat, can relieve throat discomfort.

Pears can be used to heat and reduce fire. They often eat cooked pears, which can increase the concentration of liquid and keep the scorpion.

Studies have shown that pears have the effect of clearing heat and calming, and the nutritional value is very high, but the pears are cold, so don’t eat too much at a time.

7 Anshen agent: citrus, peach citrus fruits have aroma that can be wet, open, refreshing.

The fruity aroma of the heart and soul is also calming and calming.

Peaches can help defecation, and in Chinese medicine, it can also promote blood circulation and calm down.

Older people with poor gastrointestinal function should not eat more.

In addition, peaches have high sugar content, and diabetic patients should be careful.

8 whitening agent: lemon and lemon have high alkaline content, which is beneficial to the metabolism of the body, can maintain the normal balance of body fluids, and is helpful for promoting metabolism, delaying aging and enhancing immunity.

Studies have shown that the active ingredients in lemon can interfere with melanin synthesis, and can shrink pores, whitening and removing dirt and dirt.

In addition to eating and seasoning, you can also apply a mask of lemon juice to your face.

9 beauty medicine: papaya often appear constipation after night, stomach pain and other symptoms of inflammation, you can eat papaya to stomach, laxative.

Stew the ribs soup with green papaya to protect the stomach wall.