Five wonderful recruitment work

Five wonderful recruitment work

Do you have burnout?


If the following symptoms exceed 3 items, you have a tendency to burnout!

  I just want to go to work, I don’t have any enthusiasm for work. I don’t have a sense of accomplishment. I find that my work project has no future prospects. I always want to open a travel website when I go to work, but I don’t have time to take a vacation, but I just watch TV at home.I feel that the boss is locomotive, the customer is difficult to do, and the colleague is not pleasing to the eye. I always think that I am not in the wrong line. I feel that the work content is very boring. I often think about submitting my speech. I changed my job in this year’s Internet survey.70% of office workers are attacked by “burnout”!

Burnout is like a chronic disease. It has only mild symptoms at the beginning. It has no heart and no energy. But once you ignore it for a long time, one day, when you look back, we find that once again, we never call back the enthusiasm, and we don’t feel the current work.More helpless, stunned!

And all these emotions will lead you to a more stagnant and lame situation in the workplace.

  But in the face of the big environmental downturn, a good job is hard to find, compared to the heroic resignation, patted the butt and left, I believe most people still think that it is more practical to find a way to work.

  Are you tired?

  There will be burnouts for the following reasons: 1.

The salary can’t be broken: When the first salary of the fourth-grade student is similar to the salary that the modern young people got from the social youth, do you think the future of the work is dark?


I don’t see the hope of promotion: When the job growth space is small and the work becomes no clear breakthrough goal every day, people will lose their enthusiasm and confidence in the work.


Formal and 深圳桑拿网 simple work content: The change of work content is small. After regular adaptation, the things will get faster and faster, but more and more time will come out every day.

At the same time, it also means that the challenge of work is gradually disappearing, and the work content is elastic and tired. Over time, it will result in a low sense of accomplishment.


Interpersonal breakthroughs: In the workplace, although the ability to work is very important, the interpersonal relationship with colleagues and supervisors cannot be ignored.


Self-achievement for improvement: People who are higher in their work intentions often work very hard on their work and change their goals to be more ambitious.

When the reality and the target drop fall, there will be a sense of frustration, and burnout will creep up.


西安耍耍网Panic about self-ability: I am afraid that I am not enough, I am afraid of layoffs, I am afraid that the fear of my colleagues will be met by all walks of life in all walks of life.

It is beneficial to have a moderate sense of tension in the performance of your work, but too much tension and worry may cause excessive psychological stress.

  Finding a new impetus for work, “Heart disease is a good medicine,” this sentence is also very applicable to burnout.


Physiologically: When you feel burnout, moderate rest, relaxation, and temporary environmental stress are the quickest relief methods.

Compared with men, when women are under pressure, they are more successful in seeking other ways to relieve stress, drinking an afternoon tea, being a spa, chatting with friends, and so on.

  In contrast, men, because of the influence of traditional education, need to show a strong side in the workplace, when faced with job burnout, the external performance is rather suppressed.

It is recommended that you start with the stress-free environment and try to go beyond seeking help and shift your attention.


Psychologically: “Busy” is one of the most likely causes of fatigue. Therefore, rethinking the direction and goals of work and finding what you really want to do is the most important proposition of burnout.

Young workplace workers are most likely to have the problem of “do not know what they really want to do”, but in fact, at any stage, they should find their true interests, and then they will be able to make great strides toward their goals.Going on the road to work is more practical.


Personality: If you look at things, you are always used to thinking up and down, and you will accumulate frustration on your body, you will not be able to drill in the dead end.

In the face of work failure, in addition to maintaining an optimistic heart, with appropriate pressure adjustment skills, the body can naturally produce resistance to stress.

Experience: In fact, burnout is often related to life experience and workplace experience. Young workplace rookies will encounter burnout, probably because they have not found the job they really want to do, and work-employed old birds are more likely to be paid because of salary.Or burnout caused by problems with the promotion space.
If there is a problem with the work content, it is recommended to discuss directly with the supervisor or the predecessor, and to learn more from other people, it is the secret to accumulate experience value quickly in the workplace.


Conceptually: When you feel burnout, “turning around” and “multiple thinking” are the most important ideas for everyone.

No longer “working for work” can find the true meaning of life at work.

When you find the meaning and value of your work, no matter what you do, you will feel that you are a very important screw in society, and naturally there will be no burnout.

For example: In Japan, no matter what profession, people value their work very much. Even if others don’t pay attention, they will seriously and fulfill their duties. This is the emphasis and attention attached to self-care.

  In fact, the symptoms of burnout will be about 1 at work?
Appeared in about 2 years, when you encounter symptoms of burnout, first slow down your pace, let yourself rest and catch your breath, and then re-examine your work content and results. If you are in the right direction, you can regain your work pleasure.And value.

  However, if you find that your current job is not really loved, you can also observe your own process in this way, and move back to the new goal.

From the experience of long-term observation of workplace dynamics, the supervisor does not want to find a person to work for work, or to find a job in order to escape the previous job. Only by always maintaining the work intention and enthusiasm, can we put aside tiredness and createWin-win.