6 winter stomach hot drinks to help you get rid of the heavy stomach

6 winter stomach hot drinks to help you get rid of the heavy stomach

6 winter stomach hot drinks Help to get rid of the heavy stomach.
Ziren soup 40 grams of longan, 20 grams of pine nuts, white sugar amount.
Wash the longan after the shell, wash the pine nuts, the two into the pot, add some water, boil with medium heat, cook with simmer for 10 minutes, add sugar, turn off the fire for about 10 seconds.
Longan meat can replenish the spleen and stomach, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, and benefit the heart.
Pine nuts can nourish yin, quench the wind, and moisten the lungs.
The two can eat together, and can play a role in nourishing the stomach.
Huaishan honey fried 30 grams of Huaishan, chicken 9 grams of gold, 15 grams of honey.
Huaishan, chicken inside the golden water to fry the juice, transferred to honey, stir well.
1 dose per day, divided into two warm clothes.
Spleen and digestion.
It is used for the spleen and stomach weakness, the food is not healthy, the food is not good, and the appetite is weak.
Muxiang Umai drink 6 grams of woody, 15 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 10 grams of ebony, add water for 10-15 minutes to drink.
It is suitable for patients with atrophic gastritis, and it has the function of nourishing the stomach and promoting the pain.
Malan Wen Stomach Wine 60 grams of fresh Malan, 100 ml of high quality red wine.
Wash the fresh Malan, simmer the juice, boil it, mix it into the wine, take 15-20 ml each time, 1 time in the morning or evening or eat it.
It has the function of anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and it is suitable for stomach ulcers with stomach pain and love for Wen.
Jasmine tea Jasmine flavor and sweetness, can help digestion and absorption of the stomach, relieve stomach pain, and have a good effect on diarrhea and abdominal pain.
Therefore, jasmine tea is known as the “stomach protection tea”, and it has the effect of calming the nerves, which can make people feel comfortable, thus calming and soothing nervousness.
Osmanthus Tea TCM believes that Osmanthus fragrans has good medicinal value.
The ancients said that Gui is the longest medicine, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of “thousands of life”.
Sweet-scented osmanthus, warm, sweet, into the lungs, large intestine, decoction, tea or soaking orally, have the effect of warming the cold, warming the stomach and relieving pain, dissipating phlegm and stasis, loss of appetite, phlegm, cough, acne, dysentery, abdominal pain has a certain effect.
Black tea is warm, has the function of warming the spleen and stomach, and helps digestion. It can promote appetite; brown sugar has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, spleen and warm stomach, dispelling wind and dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, especially suitable for maternal, child and anemia.
Therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach can drink osmanthus tea warm stomach.
However, people who have symptoms of stomach cramps, burning, dry mouth, hunger but do not want to eat, urinary yellow, sticky stools and other symptoms of spleen and stomach are not suitable for drinking.
The practice is: add seven to ten dried osmanthus flowers to the right amount of black tea, brown sugar, and brew with hot water.