[Can I eat goose in summer]_Summer_Can I eat

[Can I eat goose in summer]_Summer_Can I eat

Goose is a kind of meat with richer nutritional value than chicken and duck.

Geese generally grow in South China and East China. Xishui likes to eat grass, so goose meat is good for qi and tonic, and has the effect of warming and quenching thirst.

Not to mention its efficacy, it is also very high in terms of its edible value. Goose meat tastes delicate, the meat is delicious, and a lot of protein is a type of food that is suitable for all seasons, so it can be eaten in summer.


Yes, goose is one of the most favorite foods in the Huaiyang area in the summer. Although the goose is very expensive, it cannot resist the love of the goose in the Huaiyang area. The goose is even delicate and delicious.It also has the heat to relieve the five internal organs and quench thirst.

So eating goose in summer is the best choice.


Goose grows in South China and East China, prefers water, is above the neck, and is stored near the riverside lake. It is good at swimming and eats grass. Therefore, the goose is good for qi and tonic, and quenches thirst.

Dedicated to the treatment of deficiency and thirst.

Chinese medicine believes that goose meat has the effect of nourishing the stomach and quenching thirst, replenishing qi, and can relieve the heat of the five internal organs.

To sum up, goose meat has a high protein content, which is called “good chance”, and nutrition is more balanced, so it “has the upper hand” than chicken and duck.


Summer goose and stewed winter melon, etc., are all delicious dishes of “autumn and winter nourishing yin”. It is said that modern pharmacological research proves that goose blood contains a higher concentration of immunoglobulins, which inhibits Ehrlich ascites cancer by more than 40%.Enhance the body’s immune function, increase white blood cells, and promote phagocytosis of lymphocytes.

Goose blood also contains an anti-cancer factor, which can enhance human humoral immunity and produce antibodies.

Due to the close relationship between immune function and the incidence of tumors, most of the complications are patients with malignant tumors, whose immune function is significantly reduced.

Active substances such as immunoglobulins and anti-cancer factors contained in goose blood can enhance the human immune system through the intermediation of the host to achieve the purpose of treating cancer.


“Goose meat benefits the five internal organs, relieves the heat from the five internal organs, and quenches thirst.” Because goose meat can nourish the internal organs, it is common to eat goose soup and goose meat without coughing.

In fact, the role of goose meat is still many. Experiments have shown that regular eating goose broth can also control the development of disease and supplement nutrition for elderly diabetic patients.

“Suishuiju Dietary Spectrum” records that goose fills deficiency and qi, warms the stomach and promotes fluids, especially for those who are short of gas, who often thirst, shortness of breath, fatigue, and loss of appetite can often eat goose.

The goose meat is sweet and flat, fresh and soft, and the fragrance is not greasy. The food in deep winter is in line with the principle of “autumn and winter nourishing yin” in traditional Chinese medicine.