Drinking black tea during the winter to promote appetite and improve cold resistance


Drinking black tea during the winter to promote appetite and improve cold resistance

Scientific tea drinking is to be seasonal, and the seasonal climate is different, and people’s physiological needs are also different.

Drinking tea should start from the physiological needs of people, combined with the characteristics of tea, choose different teas in the four seasons, so that tea can reach a higher level.

銆€銆€Green tea belongs to non-fermented tea and has high amino acid content; after the black tea is fermented, the tea polyphenol is oxidized to thearubigin and theaflavin.

From the perspective of anti-cancer, green tea is indeed better than black tea.

According to Professor Han Chi from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, tea contains more than 500 kinds of chemical components, of which polyphenols account for 20% to 35%. Tea polyphenols will form tea pigment after oxidation.

Tea polyphenols and tea pigments are the main biological active ingredients in tea. Studies have shown that tea polyphenols and tea pigments are strong antioxidants, which can induce antioxidant enzyme activity in the body, inhibit the metabolic activation of carcinogens, and inhibit tumors.Abnormal hyperplasia interrupts or prevents lipid peroxidation, scavenging superoxide radicals and hydroxyl radicals, thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.

銆€銆€It is said that tea can improve vascular function. In fact, it is the inhibitory effect of theaflavin on angiotensin I converting enzyme, and caffeine and catechin can relax the blood vessel wall and improve the function of relaxing blood vessels.

According to the staff of the Eight Horse Tea Industry, from the theoretical perspective of Chinese medicine, green tea is cold, black tea is warm, black tea is generally consumed in winter, tea is consumed in spring, and green tea in summer is more in line with health requirements.

銆€銆€Black tea is sweet and warm, good for yang, warm and warm, can enhance the body’s resistance to cold.

In addition, people’s appetite is enhanced in the winter, eating greasy foods increases, replacing black tea can be greasy, appetizing, and helping to maintain health.

銆€銆€When drinking tea, it is best to simply drink and appreciate the aroma and taste of the tea.

But drinking tea, chatting, and eating small snacks with friends is also a way of entertainment.

Black tea also has the advantage of being mild and compatible, so it can be added with milk, rose, honey and so on.